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The Indo-Stone Wall Cladding Series is a range of solid stone designed to create stunning walls, inside or outside. All stones in this series are made from individual pieces of stone that are precision-cut and fitted together to produce the most remarkable result.

Available in a range of different stones and colours, the Wall Cladding seeks to enhance the natural beauty and expose the raw material, and transform it into a design element for use by those in search of something truly unique.

R240, R310, R550, and S50 Series of our Wall Cladding Series probably the most versatile of all our natural stone products, as well as one of the most visually dramatic. Made of solid stone, its subtle colour highlights and natural surface texture enhance its unique look. This product certainly provides an opportunity to use this tile with stunning effect in larger areas, either inside or outside. Now there is nothing holding you back from creating a true design statement on a grand scale!

Where Alur Series is a new innovative product in Indo-Stone Wall Cladding Series. It adds another dimension to the magical relief profile. Its shaped provides a range of effects depending on how the tile is laid. Several stunning design looks can be achieved from just the one tile. It brings out a simplicity and minimalist outlook.

Never quit to explore the splendor of nature to its limit. Unleash your mind for the ultimate blueprint of natural stones by exploring our Wall Cladding Series.

Wall Cladding - Alur
Wall Cladding - R240
Wall Cladding - R310
Wall Cladding - R550
Wall Cladding - S50
Wall Cladding - RTA Style S14
Wall Cladding - RTA 3 x 3
RTA 3 x 3
Wall Cladding - RTA Style S14
Wall Cladding - RTA 3 x 3
14 MM