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Indo-Stone has taken an inovative and an exciting new direction, using the side edge of the stone as the feature profile, rather than the flat face of the stone. Stack these stones on top of each other, then stand back and admire the effect!

We have completed two major products for this category, they are Standing Stone Marble, Standing Stone Pebble, and Standing Entired Pebble, which are trully an amazing master piece. Standing Stone could be used both on horizontal, vertical and sloping surfaces to create outstanding patterns.

Standing Stones are ideal for water features, large area feature walls and a host of other indoor and outdoor applications. Nevertheless, it is certainly unique design with nature ambient. Standing Stone definitely the choice for making a stand out appearance for your Interior / Exterior Decoration.

Our new product development is Standing Entired Pebble. This new product is an enhancement of Standing Pebble. Instead of cutting the pebble into half, we managed to arranged an interlocking system with full pebble size without any cuts. Certainly, Standing Entired Pebble has induced a new breed of Standing Stone.

Indo-Stone continues to serve only the best solutions for your creative design idea. Remember, natural stone is the source of natural advantage.

Standing Stone - Marble
Standing Stone - Pebble
Standing Stone - Entired Pebble