Pebble Mosaic Strip Pebble
The Moon Collection Sliced Pebble Mosaic
Mosaic Cut Marble Mosaic
Standing Stone Wall Cladding
Stone Carpet Stone Vessel Sink
Water Fountain Stone Bathtub
Art of Pebbles Natural Collection
Pots Collection Stoe Door Mats

Indo-Stone is now offering a beautiful new line of Natural Stone Pots Collection, made of first quality stone selection. The exdellent construction & finishing assured optimal for all weather application, such as interior or exterior placement.

The Stone Pots consists various mix of natural stone selection, ranging from colors, sizes, shapes, and unique attributes from each natural stone used. Each collection of our Stone Pots delivered based on a high standard quality control to assured you with excellent finished product.

We proudly present this new product to our loyal clients, which will surely expand your design solutions. Please contact us for specific design requirement or any suggetions for specific design.