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"Natural Advantage from the beauty of Indo-Stone Pebble Mosaic"

Mosaic Pebble or Pebble Mosaic is Indo-Stone's finest meshbacked pebble, consisting of pebbles with the highest quality and incorporating an extensive array of colours and styles. Most of Indo-Stone Pebble Mosaic products are firmly established as an international best-seller, it features our unique patented interlocking system and is available in an extensive range of colours.

As the stones are gathered from various island thoughout Indonesia, all the stones are hand-sorted to ensure only the highest quality pebble selected, thus achieving a consistency in size, colour and flatness. Then, the stones are laid into our patented interlocking format to create an easy-to-install pebble mosaic.

In response to the demand from professional landscapers, Indo-Stone has produced two series of Pebble Mosaic Interlock, Borders and Tiles. These products should be your first choice for all indoor and outdoor applications.

Pebble Mosaic Borders have a distinct attribute to make an attractive feature when used with contrasting colours and materials such as concrete, sandstone and timber. They will enhance any space or environment you choose. Whereas, Pebble Mosaic Tiles offers an affordable way to introduce the pebble look for areas such as paths, driveways, claddings and courtyards and is also suitable for indoor use. For some applications, a mixture of Pebble Mosaic Borders and Pebble Mosaic Tiles can be very effective.

Indo-Stone promises to provide not only a Natural Advantage experience through our Pebble Mosaic series, but also high quality products for your interior and exterior solutions. Explore your imagination through the endless beauty of nature.

Pebble Mosaic - Borders
Pebble Mosaic - Tiles
Mini Pebble Mosaic
Mini Pebble Mosaic
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